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I'm a happy guy from sunny San Diego, California in the US, though I live in Cluj-Napoca, Romania -- and I've given over 5,000 hours of conversational English lessons to students from all over the world, both in-person and online.

How did I get here, you ask? Well, in 2014, I gave up the "normal" life and sold everything to travel. Since then I've lived on three continents, learned Spanish, some Polish, and now I'm working on Romanian. So I understand the struggles of learning, and speaking, a foreign language!

My passion, and what I do best, is intensive tutoring for intermediate level (or above) students who already have a decent grasp of the language but want to improve in some way. What I do most is pronunciation and phrasal correction, accent reduction, and introduction to new vocabulary.

One of my only requirements is that you are *self-motivated* to speak/converse. I am not going to endlessly supply topics to discuss. Think of it this way: when you meet up with your friends, do you make them give you topics to discuss? No, of course you don't. You just start talking.

Unlike some tutors, I won't promise to have you speaking fluently in "no time". The truth is that no matter what your current level is, it's going to take both of us putting in time and energy to see significant change.

What I will promise, however, is to provide an informative, friendly, and even fun learning environment for you to practice speaking, increase your vocabulary, and, over time, improve your confidence and fluency.

During each lesson I will notate words and/or phrases we discuss, then send my notes to you in a neatly formatted PDF so you can get the most out of our lessons.

I look forward to helping you!



Inițial am crezut ca va fi o bariera destul de mare între mine si Andy faptul ca eu nu vorbesc engleza si el limba romană , dar spre surprinderea mea a fost o provocare plăcută . Recomand! It’s a great teacher!
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Oltean Mihaela

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